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Nothern girl living down south. Actor/Dancer in Charlotte NC. Lover of country music, Winnie the Pooh, hiking and a good, cold chardonnay.                                                                                       KD         
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As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot.
John Lennon (via observando)

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Some Southern beauty

Who let me walk out of my apartment this color coordinated this morning? Who?!



Blake Lively

Tellement belle.

she is perfection

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Your ordinary story bears the fingerprints of an extraordinary God.

General note to humans on dating websites,

I am sorry if I don’t respond to you. Please, there is no need to be rude if I don’t. I probably have a good excuse, like I’m busy, or haven’t checked my phone, or you seemed like a douche in your profile (and just proved my point by calling me a bitch for not responding).

But seriously, would you prefer for me to answer to your first “Hey, whats up?” with a “Nope, not interested, move along”? I don’t take offense when people don’t message me back, cause I get that its easier when you don’t actually no someone. So don’t be an ass, and I won’t be a bitch. 

Unless you want me to sass you out! Cause then bring it on boys!


A simple girl who wants to not be harassed on tindr 

I think I might always be in some kind of love with you.
F. Cabanes  (via samuraitrack)

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